Service portfolio

The MCRT offers:  Cleanroom products, plant construction and services

Cleanroom Products

  •  Laminarflow-workbenches

  • Cleanroom cabins

  •  Laminarflow-units and modules

  • Minienvironments: system integrated and customized clean air process solutions

  • Measurement rooms and cabins

  • Product and personal protection concepts

  • Air conditioning solutions

  • Inert gas environments

  • Cleanroom tents and Flexi-Clean-Flow units  Air filters

  • Laminarisators (CG-diffusers)

  • Measurement and control units for cleanrooms and air conditioning systems

  • Particle measurement technology

  • Cleanroom accessories

  • Cleanroom furniture

  • Rental of cleanroom tents, filter units and measurement equipment


  • Consulting, design and construction of:
    • Cleanrooms

    • Air conditioning systems

    • System for temperature and humidity control

    • Cleanroom systems: wall, ceiling and raised floor

  • Adaption, changes and optimization of existing cleanroom systems

  • Project monitoring and control

  • Air conditioning concepts

  • Process analysis

  • Especial solutions for research and development



  • Cleanroom measurements, analysis and qualification according to DIN EN ISO 14644, and GMP/FDA

  • Service and maintenance of cleanrooms

  • Hygiene inspection according to VDI 6022

  • Temperature and humidity measurements according to VDI 2627

  • Process flow analysis and optimization

  • Electrostatic analysis

  • Cleanroom training and education