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Systems engineering

Anlagenbau von der Planung bis zur Ausführung. Reinraum, Lüftungs- und Klimatechnik. Plant engineering and construction. Cleanrooms, air venting systems and air conditioning technology.

MCRT Planning and Systems engineering

The MCRT develops together with the customer tailor made cleanroom conceptions, which meet exactly all requirements of the product, it’s process sequence as well as the personal flow rate.

Of course, the planning of the appertaining building parameters and trade are also part of the room conception, as e.g. the pressure graduation, the air-conditioning or the channelling of persons including the locking of the door, the clothes desk and the sit-over. Also, it is very important to plan the buried transmission routes, as e.g. the cabelling for aerosol and particle counters or the bus cabelling for the MCRT monitoring system, and the complete acceptance and qualification tests. 

Together with our customer we optimize the cleanroom conception regarding technical and economic aspects, especially respecting effective local solutions such as laminar-flow zones, mini-environments or isolators.

MCRT – Your competent partner in cleanroom technology

We are pleased to offer you our long-lasting experience in planning, project management, execution and qualifying of cleanroom plants, starting with the steril section in class A up to a complete cleanroom for the production of cystostatics or from the cleanroom for chip-production down to mini-environments of class ISO 1. The steady cooperation – partially in leading function – in national and international standardisation bodies, assure you the highest standards in cleanroom technology.

 Content customers as Infineon, Micronas, Fresenius, Merz Pharma, BAG Lich, Osram, Siemens, Singulus, Unaxis or Lam Research, Tec Sem and Brooks CCS are only a part of recommendations whom we are helping with our ideas and know-how.

Engineering and construction of cleanrooms at highest level.

Cleanroom-planning of MCRT contains i.a.:

  • Energy saving fresh, exhaust and re-circulation air systems
  • Laminar and turbulent air distribution with HEPA- ULPA-, PTFE- or molecular filters
  • Personal and material flow adjustment
  • Heating-, cryo-, media-pipework and generation
  • Special climatization for lowest tolerances of humidity and temperature
  • Special plants in N2 or other protective gas atmosphere
  • Fire protection and smoke extraction technology
  • Power supply circuit
  • Creative detailed solutions for the presentation to your customer