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1999: Foundation of MCRT as a department for cleanroom technology of the company MicroPure GmbH in Siegen, then as a limited company independently.

2000: Opening of the office in Gießen and establishing of a production in Niedernberg.

2001: Establishing of another production in Leun and certification of our production by our customer SEZ AG (today LAM Research AG) in Villach, Austria; result: 90 of 100 possible points. Herewith MCRT became preferential quality supplier, level AA.

2002: Completion of our production in Leun including a cleanroom and removal of the production from Niedernberg to Leun.

2003: Founding of a new department for cleanroom technique in pharmacy.

2004: Removal to Heuchelheim in the industrial area Rinn & Cloos: Production area 650 m², including 270 m² cleanroom.

2006: Development of the monitoring and control sytem CACU (Clean Air Control Unit) for EC-fans, cleanroom plants, air-conditioning, nitrogen- and XCDA-purged systems.

2007: Development of a PCB for the monitoring of EC-fans via puls-width-modulation (PWM-platine).

2008: Re-certification by our customer SEZ AG in Villach, Austria. Result: 100 of 100 possible points.

2011: Introduction of a Quality-Management-System according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008.

2012: Certification by LAM Research AG in Villach, Austria.

2014: Development of a Multi-I/O-Controller for complex sytems in cleanroom technology.

2015: Introduction of our own particle counters in our range of products.