Clean Air Control Unit

MCRT - Clean Air Control Unit

  • Touch screen: easy, fast and user friendly
  • Surveillance, controlling, and regulation for up to 8 independent closed-loop control systems
  • Up to 100 fans
  • Password protected user levels against unauthorized access
  • USB 1.1-interface
  • RS232-interface
  • 8 analogue inputs 0-10 V for sensors (e.g. airflow velocity speed and pressure)
  • 4 analogue outputs 0-10 V for controlling of external actuators
  • 8 programmable digital outputs
  • 8 programmable digital inputs
  • Timer for day / night switch
  • Integrated PID-controller for controll of: pressure, temperature, humidity, etc.
  • Potential free contact (PFC) for notification
  • RS485-interface (EBM-protocol) for the controlling of EC-fans, Each fan is controlled and monitored separately
  • Automatic address identification when changing a fan

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