Organisation and planning
Concept and execution


MCRT GmbH was founded by Andreas Machmüller, Dr. Michael Rüb and Dr. Thomas Billen founded. Currently, Andreas Machmüller and Dr. Thomas Billen run the company.

Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Andreas Machmüller

Cleanroom planning, systems engineering

As graduate engineer Andreas Machmüller has about 30 years of experience in cleanroom planning and construction. He was responsible engineer for cleanroom projects at Siemens AG, peculiarly in Regensburg and Braunschweig. Afterwards, he was head of engineering of the cleanroom departement at Kessler+Luch’s in Gießen, and at Inelio’s in Griesheim/Darmstadt. 

Mr Machmüller also works in the National Standardization Committee (VDI 2083, VDI 2083-1.1 and 8.1) and teaches as lecturer for Cleanroom Technology at THM Gießen-Friedberg and FH Sigmaringen. In addition, he participates actively in research with Institutes and Companies on behalf of MCRT GmbH.

Dr. Thomas Billen

Sales cleanroom cabins, mini-environments, accessories

After his doctorate at the University of Heidelberg, Dr. Thomas Billen gained various experiences in cleanroom technology being head of a laser laboratory at the Max Planck Institute of Nuclear Physics in Heidelberg and as manager of the laboratory of Trace Analysis at the University of Geneva. From 1996 until the end of 1997, he was head of an engineering office in Leipzig and changed to the cleanroom company Inelio in the beginning of 1998. There he established contacts to customers from the most different fields of cleanroom technology.